Sunday, December 04, 2005

New babylon

Actually, in reading those previous seven posts,
i become aware that even this blog is part of the phenomena
'Zeitmauer' in itself. Considering myself a close friend of
that bricklayer, i realise - as it sometimes is - how less i
know and feel what he's talking about.
there surely is someone stating we just ain't friends close enough.
which definitely is missing the point.

Look at the foundation of the 'Zeitmauer' and you'll see countless
of babbling blogs (and behind them their authors) hoping to get out of
their self-reference by posting their life.
Finally to get a voice:
"Is there anybody out there?"

So it seems, as if it was already necessary to deny the physical space,
your immediate surrounding and it's inhabitants to get a connection
to your world. Following this track of modernity (what I in spite of the
cultural-pessimistic subtext love to do) you'll get a glimpse of that
skyline at the end of time, that is called 'Zeitmauer'.
That is, when those six billion tribes of
multiple personalities, auto-erotic sucker-lickers and
specialized science-autists gather together in one moment.
What is obviously New Babylon.

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