Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wall of Time. Zeitmauer. Zeitmaurer. Bricklayer of Time.

Let's become a bricklayer of time.

A brick layer of time, a layer of bricks,
a lying brick, a laying brick, a time of
layers, of bricks, of liars.

It's all about time.
And I have been wondering for ages now
what the wall of time would look like.

Here I am, standing on this wall, enjoying
a generous look back to old herodot
who got the whole endeavour started.
And right before me? a deep black hole?

Or is it exacty the other way round,
with a wall in front of me, upon which time
is stacked like an avalanche,
having come to an unpleasant stop.

I don't know yet, how could I.
It is hard to tell the nature of the wall
you are walled into.
Actually we walled ourselves into it.
Let's start to move, and look
for an exit.

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