Friday, February 29, 2008

Announcement of the first interview to come: David Woodard

for immediate release

Fellow time travelers, liebe Zeitmaurer,

I am exceedingly pleased to announce the release of our first full-length interview here at the WALL OF TIME, kick-starting the series entitled time traveler’s widsom:

An insightful and free-floating conversation with composer DR. DAVID J. WOODARD, of prequiem and dream machine fame.

Come with us on a trip covering, amongst other themes, the art of the fugue, Condoleeza Rice, 19th century Saxonian dialects, The Great Pyramid, a few suggestions for students preparing a thesis, and—in extenso—this notebook's eponymous time-travelling chief Ernst Jünger.

Also, très old school, we plan to make glossy pdf reprints available for print out and offline enjoyment.

Watch this space for the FULL-LENGTH INTERVIEW with DAVID WOODARD next Monday, March 03 2008.

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