Saturday, February 09, 2008

Neues Leben an der Zeitmauer

Dear friends, fellow scientists in the laboratories of time and space,

while Miles Davis' Brew and a Minimal London mixdown of Chris Box fill this appartment with compressed and dilated waves of molecules, I would like to welcome you back to the WALL OF TIME.

In the following months, I would like to run a new experiment in (what I hope to become) a post-blog world. Unable to share any of the enthusiasm that is brought towards the web, let alone its violently advertised version 2.0, I feel that this here is nothing more and nothing less than the street I am driving on on my way to my friends.

Stay tuned for a few observations, impressions and expressions, and watch a not so young man struggle with words, in English and German, watch him become a not-so-junior-anymore scientist, follow him as a balance is sought between the fine arts interests, the minimal techno records, the cognitive neuroscience of speech and hearing, the books on type and totalitarianism. Accompany him as time goes — by.

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