Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time traveler wisdom (I)

WALLOFTIME.NET is here to dissect time at its most subjective and in a decidedly non-scientific way. Time as a highly personal, idiosyncratic measuring stick against which our lives take place [sic!]. Also, time as a looming principle behind movement, development, history, disappearance, and, quite likely, death.

This is the first announcement for a series of exciting interviews we will do with eminent time travelers, sound architects, composers, musicians, photographers, all of whom play ping-pong with time one way or the other. We look forward to hear what their take on some of the pertinent issues at stake here will be.

The interviews will appear in loose sequence, most likely fortnightly.

Until then, we have decided to do away with useless wikicyclopedic definitons of Time with a captial t. We rather will ask friends, colleagues, children, and taxi drivers for their very subjective take on time.

So, let the teasing begin, to wet your appetite for the full interviews soon to follow:

Ralf Theil, 29, Hamburg-based DJ, promoter and blog addict:

Q: “What is time”?
A: “In Germany, we call that superglue ‘Sekundenkleber’. Wouldn’t it be great if that stuff really could glue tiny little bits of time to the wall, so we could look at them whenever we want? Too bad I always lose my favorite pieces.”

Ralf can be read at djmasterquest.de.

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  1. Looking forward to the interviews. Nice job!


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