Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time traveler wisdom (II)

Sandra, 27, student of mathematics, sweating over her diploma thesis:

Q: “What is time”?
A: “Hatte grad noch Vorlesung. Du setzt mich ja ganz schön unter Druck. Jetzt muss ich mir spontan was Intelligentes einfallen lassen. Ah, vielleicht gilt ja


Changes, runs, kills, is standing still
Seems to be everything, these days
Is experience, individual, atomically fixed.
Does time exist, if nothing changes?”

Sandra is also, quite rightly so, bored with my first 160 CHARACTERS OF ART suggestion, she thinks it is a bit wimpy to stop at 1,000,000, with an infinite number of primes (and non-primes of course) missing.

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