Monday, May 05, 2008

The impenetrable beauty of Time (II)

This plot is a first draft of a figure for an article I am currently working on with a colleague. It is also a testimony of how difficult things can be, and how nobody, not a single person on earth, can actually know a thing of how something really works: If you don’t understand a thing it is because we don’t understand a thing yet.

I post it here to testify how mesmerising the impenetrable beauty of the brain can be, at times. All these dots represent so called activations observed in brain imaging studies on senseless syllables, vowels, noises. They are basically all over the place. There is a fair chance that I will spend the rest of my working life (cf. time) sorting this out. Bear with me.

Dieser Beitrag ist auf Englisch, doch einiges an der Zeitmauer gibt es auch in der hervorragenden Kultur- und Verwaltungssprache Deutsch zu lesen.