Monday, June 23, 2008

The 18th lesson in compassion

At the risk of belaboring the point:

The text of the 17th lesson in compassion reads as follows (see below). It is as if the text Werner Herzog speaks gives the idea of compassion yet another twist, that is, Herzog’s compassion with Kinski.

«The whole world belongs to us.
But Klaus seems to want to fly away.

Shouldn’t I have noticed, that it was his soul
that wanted to flutter away?
Then I see him with a butterfly, softly, delicately.

The little creature doesn’t want to leave him, and is so unafraid...
...Sometimes it seems to me that Klaus himself turns into a butterfly.

Everything that weighed on us is gone.
And even though my mind revolts against it
something deep inside tells me:
This is the way I’d like to keep him in my memory.»

Dieser Beitrag ist auf Englisch, doch einiges an der Zeitmauer gibt es auch in der hervorragenden Kultur- und Verwaltungssprache Deutsch zu lesen.