Friday, May 15, 2009

Announcement for the upcoming A.P. SEELMANN interview

for immediate release

Fellow time travelers, liebe Zeitmaurer,

Watch out for another full-length and in-depth interview here at the WALL OF TIME for the Time traveler’s wisdom series:

We recently had the pleasure and great honour to chat with Hamburg– and London-based long-time erraticist, well-reputed ecleticist, and social scientist A.P Seel­mann.

Seelmann is an honoury fellow of the German-lingo literary and fine arts house Der Umblätterer, where you can read Seelmann’s erudite and often plain funny endeavours (“Curb your Michelangelo”, “Auf dem Kopf ein Aushilfs-Timoschenko-Flechtwerk”, and the likes) under the battle name Dique.

Stay tuned for the 4-page full-text four-colour portable document format file as well as the complimentary hyper-text markup language version both being available in the tongue of Goethe, Goering and others (German, that is) here from Monday May 18th 0900 hours AM on.

Meanwhile, freel free to check out or previous interviews.

Dieser Beitrag ist auf Englisch, doch einiges an der Zeitmauer gibt es auch in der hervorragenden Kultur- und Verwaltungssprache Deutsch zu lesen — zum Beispiel das hier annoncierte Interview mit dem großen Bildungsforscher A.P. Seelmann.

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